me: im adorable like im literally the cutest person in every room i walk into
me 4 seconds later: behold the trash lord
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The song hallelujah always makes me cry but it also makes me think of Shrek???

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me: wow i finally understand math
moves on to next question
me: what the hell is this
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I’m shipping these two and I don’t even have the game yet.

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wheeee finally finished that.

May i introduce: Invader Stuck hahaa

naw„ more like all Homestuck trolls in Invader Zim style.

God i love this style so much, you don’t understand.

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Who’s a good boy? You’re a good boy!
Who devours the flesh of mortals? You devour the flesh of mortals!

Poseable “Cerberus in a Can” now available in our Etsy shop.


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me trying to make friends

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when ur friends make fun of something ur secretly into


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Messed around with different ways of shading and using colors :3 I wanted to test with Annie since she’s super rad haha I’m pretty happy at how it came out!

I’m thinking of doing the same thing with Reiner and Bertolt! Maybe make a trio piece?? Anyways, back to commissions \*u*/

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